Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Watching Columbo in Duluth

TWO times in two separate episodes so far, Columbo asks a suspect if they want ice cream, so Marz and I are eating ice cream in the evenings while we watch Columbo, on vacation in Duluth.

(I picked up oak leaves and pine branches on my walk to the SuperAmerica for coffee this morning---there was NO coffee at the place we're staying (a friend's weekend house). 


Zhoen said...

So, was that a reference to Tom Baker's Dr. Who, who offered jelly babies to people, or the other way around?


Michael Leddy said...

There was a terrific Columbo on MeTV Sunday night, “Murder Under Glass,” with Columbo investigating the murder of a chef. The chef’s colleagues serve him dish after dish, and Columbo does some cooking in the closing scene. Great fun.

Have you seen Les Diaboliques? Its detective is the model for Columbo. I think C’s character also owes something to Inspector Bucket from Bleak House — genial, casual, no first name, and a wife who’s never seen.

Zhoen said...

Have you discovered tvtropes?


Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Jelly babies! I suppose Columbo does have a disconnected sweetness, like the doctor...
Thanks for the link to TV tropes--fun! I sent it along to Marz too.

MICHAEL: Columbo does seem to have a thing with food---he eats chili at a dive called Barney's Beanery, but also seems to know the "finer" things about it.

I like the scene where he makes an omelet for the wife of a murdered man.
He's nice like that. (Actually, he' since to the murderers too--the offers of ice cream were both to suspects. And if you're suspect to Columbo, you're guilty.)

I've never seen Les Diaboliques, but oddly, I was just watching the BBC production of Bleak House.