Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rabbit, Before

Since I regretted not taking "before" photos of the stuffed terriers in the post below, this morning I took a "before" photo of this rabbit & the hand-embroidered pillowcase (does that look '70sish to you?) that I'm going to turn into a waistcoat, I think, to adorn it. (I'm eyeing the green and purple bunches of grapes.)

Both were rescued from the Thrift Store. The rabbit is a nicely made toy with articulated limbs, but it was filthy: 
I had to scrub gunk off its face with a toothbrush.
 And the photo doesn't show it clearly, but someone had already repaired it: you can just see the scar running up its right leg [photo left].
These weathered animals especially interest me.

I'd written a while ago about bringing home some unwanted old household embroidery scraps, and now I'm extra inspired to use them because I've discovered the astonishing sewn creations of Mr. Finch [links to his FB, with lots of photos]. He made these  butterflies from a vintage tablecloth:

He seems too English [which he is] to be Finnish, but I was not surprised to read Mr Finch said in an interview (published just yesterday), 
"I’m re-reading all the Moomin books again as an adult and realising how beautifully bittersweet and correct they are."

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