Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cruisin'. . . on Top

I. Marz made this Mad Max: Fury Road: Cruisin' vid. Smokey Robinson. Perfect.

If you don't want 2 hours of vehicular stimulus, you can get the gist of the movie in just these 24 seconds:

II. That's the cool version. And now she's made this hot one:
Mad Max: Fury Road: Get on Top (by Red Hot Chili Peppers)

"I bite but, she bit me..."


The Crow said...

Well, that just saved me $6.50 in movie ticket! This was cool! Marz has real talent.

Fresca said...

Yep, if that doesn't make you want to go see the movie, save your $.

The Talented Marz is fun to know, for sure.

Zhoen said...

Brilliant. Bravo.

I had my doubts about seeing it, I think I'll wait for it to stream, if that. Maybe go watch Duel or Grand Theft Auto (1977) again.

The Crow said...

Just watched the second video - wow!

I watched the earlier Mad Max movies (2 and 3) and liked them - especially Thunderdome with Tina Turner. Charlize looks great in these video clips; fights like hell, even if it is choreographed.

bink said...

Great job by Marz!!! I feel like I've now seen the Cliff Notes version of the movie. Now I want to see the whole thing... sooner rather than later!