Sunday, February 8, 2015

Circus Fabric

 I spent the morning unstitching the seams of an old, ripped curtain (rescued from the Thrift Store) so I can use the fabric. 
Ever since I discovered that Burt Lancaster was a circus acrobat when he was young, I've been attracted to circus art.


The Crow said...

The images on the material remind me of Richard Scary (sp?) story books.

Thant's a good find, Fresca - probably from the late 60s, you think?

Zhoen said...

Or 50s.

I used to doodle a margin circus, with elephants and acrobats all balancing on top of a small, but apparently contented mouse, on the very bottom.

Fresca said...

My little brother (b. 1970) LOVED those Richard Scary books! I have happy memories of Lowly Worm. :)

I tried to find info on this pattern but couldn't---I'd *guess* '50s into early 60s rather than later (because of subdued colors and round shapes rather than space-age pointy)...

Zhoen, I'd love to see one of your circus doodles---could you reproduce one now?