Friday, September 12, 2014


My sister has been  researching on the 'nets details of our father's life.

Today she e-mailed me this photo >
of our parents chaperoning the 1958 senior prom at Maryland State College, where our father had his first teaching job. 
(He is a retired prof of political science).

My father would have been twenty-seven years old here; 
my mother, twenty-three 1/2 years old. 

OMG, she was Marz's age! How did young women manage to looks so... so grown up back then?

The thing my sister discovered is that my mother's dress was designed by Dorothy O’Hara.

She was a big California designer in the 40s and 50s. 
< The dress was in Vogue in 1956. 

I remember adoring the photo of my parents in childhood––I still do!  (Though I'm not so sure about that bowtie...)
When I was little I thought the photo depicted what adulthood was supposed to look like, though I think I doubted I would ever achieve such a state of womanhood as my mother's––and I was right! 

By the time I was twenty-three in the 
1980s, I wanted nothing to do with such a version of femininity. 

It wasn't exactly in fashion then anyway, though come to think of it, Princess Di was bringing it back. But my friends and I thought she was a dope or a dupe. 

Poor girl---maybe she was both? I don't know, but now I can just say, hey! she looked great! 

Here she is in a similar twisty-white dress, published in Vanity Fair 1997, one month before her death.

Oh, what a pain it was to be a young woman trying to figure out how to present myself. I love being old[er] and not forced to constantly take into account other people's biological imperatives.
(I mean, I don't have to worry about guys hitting on me, something I always dressed to avoid. Not that they don't once in a rare while, but it doesn't phase me. Sometimes it even pleases or amuses me.)


Zhoen said...

Your father looks very modern, your mother much older - and very much of 1958.

Fresca said...

Z: I think my father could be a modern hipster, even.

bink said...

your father has always been a hipster... at least beard-wise.