Friday, July 18, 2014


The Marzipan said I shouldn't post anything this morning because I will take too long and we are heading out to REI so she can look for shoes, but now I hear she is in the shower and not ready to go anyway, so I am going to ramble here until she appears.

Yesterday at the Thrift Store a dapper young man bought a clothes brush and told me he likes to take care of his clothes.
"If you don't appreciate what you have," he said, "you won't appreciate what's coming to you."

Another customer talked to me about physics. I wrote down what he said:
"Quantum fluctuations and thermal agitations can pretty much account for most things."

Customers have to check their bags behind the counter. When he asked for his bag back to leave, I told him it had fluctuated out of existence, which he was kind enough to find amusing.

I'm going to start volunteering to work in activities at a senior center or nursing home soon, because I need the experience to get a job in recreational therapy. Some people volunteer at many places, but I feel too scattered when I do that, so, sadly I'm going to let the thrift store work go soon, at least for a little while.

< I got this stationery at the thrift store yesterday. 

I would have thought it was too cutesy in its day, but I've become intrigued with art about mail, like the mail delivery bluebirds I posted a few days ago (with the Lady Capri pen). Something once so ordinary is now exotic.

And the girl has appeared. Off we go to catch the bus.

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