Monday, July 7, 2014

Ancient Writing Technology

Stills from the Star Trek episode "Miri" (1966), from Trekcore

And, for Orange Crate Art, who likes pencils, here's Miri (Kim Darby) herself, sharpening pencils. Are these Mongols?
[No. OCA informs me they are Dixon Ticonderogas. You can tell by the green stripes on the ferrule, he tells me.]

In the future, they write with plastic chopsticks on something like iPads? as we see here in the episode "Mirror, Mirror":


Michael Leddy said...

Your dialogue is hilarious, Fresca.

Those are Dixon Ticonderogas, no doubt. The first of the two stills shows the ferrules more clearly. The three green stripes are the giveaway.

Michael Leddy said...

Your post also reminds me: I’m planning to post a passage from Ian Sansom’s book Paper: An Elegy.

Everything connects!

Fresca said...

Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for the info on the pencils--it's really interesting!