Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kirk & the Gorn Crop Art

Captain Kirk and the Gorn 
Portrait in Seeds, by Nicholas Rindo
Crop Art Exhibition at the Minnesota State Fair, 2013

 The smirk! The smirk! This should have won a blue ribbon. Even the seed card is in Star Trek lettering:


Jennifer said...

Oh, the eyes! The lovely seedy Gorn eyes!

And I adore the hand-written "timothy" at the bottom. So important to get a seed of just the right gold...

Fresca said...

JEN!!! I'm so happy to see you here!
I'm treasuring reconnecting with blog friends, here and there.

I appreciated the handwritten addition too---"so... human".
Now we know, Kirk's shirt is timothy gold. :)

bink said...

It was so unfair this didn't win a higher prize. It deserved more!