Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Not a Bitter Oreo-Eating Vegan"

Me painting / Marz (eating potato salad) on the back porch

Last night Marz and I watched Vegucated, a documentary about three meat-eaters who agree to eat no animal products and to learn about veganism for six weeks.  
I was wary, as the vegans I'd friended on FB often posted photos of tortured farm animals. They changed my behavior all right: I blocked those people.

But the filmmaker, who set up the experiment, focuses more on the human story than on animal suffering, and she generally
avoids moralizing. The subjects chose to participate for health reasons at first, and they aren't even exposed to any cruelty to animals until week three, when they visit a farm-animal rescue farm and then, in contrast, stop by a factory farm.

I hardly eat any meat, but Marz and I do eat a lot of dairy, and even though we've been buying milk and eggs from a family farm, Marz said she'd like to try going vegan.
"But I don't want to be one of those bitter Oreo-eating vegans," she said.

Turns out, you know, Oreos (and Fritos and Diet Coke and a whole lot of other junk foods) don't contain any animal products, just sugars and fats from plants.  

If you want to be a sweet vegan but don't want to support the mega-industries that make those foods, you can make your own, like peanut butter cups––(recipe from Vegan Candy, where you can find vegan chocolate facts and recipes).

I don't want to give up all dairy––I haven't found any good substitute for milk in my coffee, for instance––but I'd be thrilled if Marz wants to research and cook more vegan meals. 


Anonymous said...

I went vegan for a short while, but you need to be careful with your vitamins (I do like seaweed, but not all the time). There are loads of great vegan cookbooks out there. A lot of veggie Indian food is vegan, and Japanese food too(mmm). The Veganomicon cookbook looks good. The Great American Detox Diet has a great black bean chilli recipe and lovely oat and raisin cookies.

Fresca said...

What I read:
".... food ... oat and raisin cookies."

No, but really--thanks for the tips! I will continue to research it.
(I figure I couldn't do worse re vitamins than I do when I'm living on McDonald's, anyway.)

LauraB said...

My client's brother said check out a film: "Forks, not Knives"- you can stream online...about going vegan...

Fresca said...
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Fresca said...

Thanks, Laura---I see it's on Netflix, so I'll give it a try.
I doubt I'd ever be hardcore about it,
but hey--plant-based foods include beer and corn chips and guacamole,
so going vegan doesn't look too bad!
(Honestly, I think going gluten-free looks harder, in some ways.)

Fresca said...

UPDATE: I've watched "Forks Over Knives" now --or half of it anyway. For me, it was too anecdotal and emotions-based (yet presenting itself as scientific).
"Vegucated" doesn't pretend to be objective, like "Forks" does, so I liked it a lot better.