Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UnPremeditated Reading in Bed

Marz and Frex, Reading in Bed


MARZ: How sad, then, that fish can't read!

FREX: What? Because of the way the comforter looks like the ocean?

MARZ: What? No. I was just using nonsense as a starter, because I didn't know what to say. You always start this.

FREX: No I don't.

MARZ: Well, I don't.
[singing to the C-W radio in the background:
"There's bubble gum in the baby's hair,
Sweet potato in the lazy chair...
...It's only Monday, Mr. Mom."

FREX: Let's tell the peeples what we're reading.

MARZ: I'm reading Lucky Jim and you're reading ... I don't know. This and that. Bully? Acts of Worship?

FREX: Don't you remember what I was reading?

MARZ: Oh, I thought you meant I was going to say what I was reading, and then you were going to say what YOU were reading. I didn't want to speak for you. You're an adult...and not even a vulnerable adult.
You were reading Hillary, 30 Essays on a Woman with Hair.

FREX: Thirty Views on Hillary--a collection of essays about Clinton. But, yeah, her hair does come into it.
Speaking of which, her hair...

MARZ: It's unacceptable for a woman, to have that ugly haircut.

FREX: I don't usually care, but

MARZ: I was joking!

FREX: Yeah but, no but, really... her long hair lately makes her look like some sort of Indonesian mad woman shadow puppet!

MARZ: But before when she had short hair, people criticized her for trying to be a man.

FREX: Yeah, she can't win, which is part of what comes up in this book.
How are you liking Lucky Jim? He'd HATE Hillary!

MARZ: I like it. It's not very funny.
[long silence]

FREX: What if you were a fish? What would you think?

MARZ: Now why d'you have to complicate it like that?
If I was a fish...
And I don't know how people stuck in this tight class system in England think either.
Basically he's in this unwanted situation from every direction, but it's not a tragedy, it's supposed to be funny.
It is funny.
But not always.

But it's not tragic either because you don't like Jim a lot. You're sympathetic, but not to the point of wishing him good fortune at the expense of a boring book.
And he's fine.
He's not going to go jump off a bridge. He would just blow up at all these awful people in his life.

FREX: Oh. You haven't finished it yet.


FREX: I think it does have a satisfactory ending. Tho I'd probably skip to the end... skip some of the center part.

MARZ: Now, you talk.

FREX: What? Ask me a question.

MARZ: OK. Uh....uh...uh... uh...
[laughs] Oh no.
Um. I can think of a question, but it's terrible.
If you had to be responsible for the death of a gorgeous blue whale or an extremely old person, why would you do a thing like that?

FREX: What? Shouldn't that be an either/or question?

MARZ: It's a trick.

FREX: OK. So... Hillary kills old people. No, wait. She is responsible for saving old people on the backs of blue whales.

MARZ: Nooooo....

FREX: I just mean, she's either to blame for everything, or she's a mythic hero.
Shall we wrap this up and go out for lunch?

MARZ: Yes. I could eat a whale.
NO! I would never do something like that!

FREX: No. Let's go to Jasmine and eat mock duck.
But, should we say something about the photo? Like, people will think we're sweeties cause we're in bed together?

MARZ: No, they won't.

FREX: How?

MARZ: Oh, they know. Solomon says, "If two lie down together... they are warm. But how can one be warm alone?" Ecclesiastes 4:11.

FREX: Is that really the citation?

MARZ: Yeah, I remember.

FREX: There you have it. God loves us. God wants us to be warm.


rr said...

Thanks to the gods of global capitalism we have that very same duvet (comforter) cover in this house on the other side of the sea! It is b2's and is, for him, a shallow lagoon where he can swim in safety with sharks. The under-sheet is, correspondingly, a pale sandy brown. Sadly he does no reading under it since he's allergic to the activity. Sigh.

bink said...


Fresca said...

RR: You know, I think I noticed before that you had the same comforter cover in one of your photos too. (I got it at Ikea, you too?)

Or, it may have been I saw it in a foreign movie...?
I guess I see your life as a foreign movie, in the best, coolest way!

BINK: Ha ha ha!

poodletail said...


P.S. Hillary is an old hippie, thus the hair. She really wants to wear it long & parted in the middle. By "old" I only mean she was an actual hippie back in the day. Probably.

Fresca said...

POODLE: Hair a la Joni Mitchell, eh?