Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Bohemnian Rhapsody" on Ukulele?

Here at the coffee shop, we are experiencing an overload of acoustic music on a radio station called, Marz says, the Coffee House or something.

Right now, "Bohemian Rhapsody" on ukulele.

What, in an unpremeditative mode,do we think of this?

Marz: It's music like these [pointing at coffee bean sacks next to us].. these burlap bags.

FREX: How so? Bland yet irritating?

MARZ: Why "yet"? Don't those go together?

FREX: I was thinking bland like pudding, which is not annoying.

MARZ: If you were wearing this [touches burlap bag], it would be very irritating.

FREX: Whereas if you were wearing pudding, it wouldn't be scratchy.

MARZ: Pudding would be great as clothing. A pudding clothing line! Pudding You Can Wear.

FREX: How would you keep it from sliding off?

MARZ: I wasn't thinking that much, just if pudding could be translated into clothing, it would be very cool.

FREX: Like silk.

MARZ: Yeah, and they're working on charged clothing, so you can put your phone in the pocket of your shirt and it will charge. So they can knit all sorts of things into fabric, I'm sure they could do pudding.
You just need someone who would devote a lot of time and energy and money to it. The kind of person who would measure themselves in Cheetos. That would be the same sort of person.

FREX: That would be you, Marz.
But I have an idea. Pudding in little Zip-Lock bags, stitched together into an item of clothing.

MARZ: That's very do-able. But... does pudding go bad?

FREX: Sure, it's a milk product. This would be a one-time wear.

MARZ: You could do it for Halloween and go as Lady Gaga.

FREX: And it would be cheap.

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Anonymous said...

okay--I'm thinkin': SILLY PUTTY. That stuff never goes bad and you could smush different printed matter onto the SILLY PUTTY fabric bits and pull off the paper and have design work and illustrations and stuff to read on pseudo-pudding clothes--don't know how they'd charge SILLY PUTTY, tho, but, I bet they'd find a way. OR what about the goop they put in galaktobourikos--custardy, milky-filled sensuous Greek pastry? (Just finished watching NEVER ON SUNDAY for the first time in my life on CH 2). HEY veriword is emene which is the Anglo transliteration of the word for "I LIVED" in Greek!! Oh, howw cool is that!?! FILAKIA ADELFIA! (Little kisse, Sistahs!)