Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unpremeditated Blogging

Now that Marz lives here (on my couch, in fact), I really miss her blogging--especially, today being Sunday, her Sunday Macros (which didn't always happen on Sundays).
She is sitting RIGHT HERE and I said to her, "Blog. Blog now."

And she replied, "I can't just blog NOW. It has to be premeditated."

("That's not exactly what I said," she said, reading over my shoulder. "I'm being misquoted," she continued. "Misrepresented," she muttered.)

"Fine," I said. "Then I will blog unpremeditatively."

And here is what I have to say.
Justin Bieber is Baby Captain Kirk.


[Pictures not unpremeditated. They were sitting on my desktop.]

Unpremeditatively I would say they share...
a similar softness--if they were horses, you'd say they had soft mouths; a lack of self-awareness (and hence semi-imperviousness to ridicule); the same prankish affectionate nature; an ability---as yet unrealized by JB--to sing "Rocket Man"; Canadian citizenship (well, that's Shatner, not Kirk, but close enough).

Marz interjects, through a mouthful of Corn Pops cereal (exudes a cloud of sweet odor... like honey),
"Tell them about your Justin Bieber notebook and my Justin Bieber watch! Would you be comfortable sharing that?"

Uh, yes, I guess I would.
See, I told Marz I saw Justin Bieber notebooks at K-Mart but buying one embarrassed me to myself too much, so I didn't. But she went and BOUGHT ONE FOR ME!
This is why I let her stay on my couch.
This evening she came home with a Bieber watch for herself.

And that concludes the Unpremeditated Adventures of Marz and Frex, for now.


The Crow said...

Hey, I like these unpremeditated posts! They're a lot of fun, Fresca.

Beiber has better hair, though.

momo said...

I wonder if William Shatner ever danced in his youth?

it's me, Marz said...


Bianca Castafiore? said...

I'm disturbed. I'm deeply disturbed.

Sure, you can put one photo atop the other and proclaim some sort of weird astronavian backward provenance, or you can allow my trained eye to ferret out those discrepancies impervious to time.

Kirk's skin is dewy-er. Bieber's cheeks are chipmunkesque, and will not become manlier in the future (Tea leaves were consulted). The Captain's cheeks, on the other hand, are prominent without being gaudy. We hate gaudy.

Also, Justin's lips are not too far removed from a pout, whereas James' lips are a tensile promise of experience tempered with barely restrained passion.

"[A] lack of self-awareness," oh, really? You been drinking that Spanish water again?

It all comes down to the theatricality of their hands. Bieber clearly hasn't evolved past making shadow puppets on his bedroom walls... but Shatner, oh Shatner, he's got his hands wrapped around something and he ain't letting go...

Ummm, excuse me. My kettle is whistling. Must. Make. Tea.

(smooches galore, Biance. hi ya, marz!)

Lill said...

Lovely unpremeditated poem of a blog.

deanna said...

Sounds like fun stuff. Corn pops (remember when it was called "Sugar Pops"?) and notebook shopping.

Has Marz given up Oregon for your neck of the woods? Am I remembering right that she's from Oregon? (These are unpremeditated comment questions.)

Clowncar said...

alotta second hand bieber at our house these days, from youngest singing "baby, baby, baby, oh-oh" on an infinate loop.

glad to have you both back in bloggyland, although marz is somewhat secondhand as well, shouting comments from the couch.

a question: do you know what date you threw the words upon the water? we're wondering if a little crumb of synchronicity might have fallen into our laps.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I didn't know you were drifting back into blogdom. So there WAS a reason I staggered into the studio before I relinquish the computer to Jas for Aussie rules...and peeped in to see this wonderment. A fine, unpremeditated, collaboration between the 2 of ya. See: you do too play well with others, F. XXOO to you and Marz, to you, too. I don't know shit 'bout JB and almost as little about WS/JK, but isn't Kirk a universal citizen, hence he could be Canadian or Russian or Senegalese...Oh, if we could all just realize ourselves as citizens of the universe and stop with all the craziness. Big ups for this post! OMG!! Veriword is "skinextr". I hope I don't have too much of that.

Fresca said...

CROW: Bieber has better hair... FOR NOW! :)

MOMO: Bieber dances correctly but mechanically, don't you think?
Bill is a Bad Dancer.

MARZ: You tell me. This is all your fault anyway, this JB thing.

BIANCA(?): You are right. I was being pictorially glib.
"a tensile promise of experience tempered with barely restrained passion"... I have a picture to go with that. COming up.

Fresca said...

LILL: Thanks. Silliness can be good, eh?

DEANNA: Yes!!! I THOUGHT they were called Sugar Pops, but Marz said they are "corn pops"---must have been renamed when "sugar" became a dirty word.
Yep, Marz has moved here from eastern Oregon--kinda near Bend.

CLOWN: I like bits of the boy, but an unending loop would drive me to Biebercide.

I just double-checked:
I tossed the words to the ocean-going winds on Friday, June 24.

STEF: Yes! You're right: Kirk is a Universal Citizen. But Shatner is Canadian.
The Bieber says Canada is better than the USA because they have UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE!
So he's not just got fluff in his head.

Fresca said...

BIANCA: P.S. And to think I thought you didn't care!