Friday, April 8, 2011

Networking Images, 3

I mean "networking" in the broad sense, as you can see, including communication technologies (practical tools) and design that connect people and ideas.

See also Networking Images 1, and Networking Images 2

Below, top: 1794, The Great Chain, Covenant, or George Washington Belt, wampum, 1794, presented by Washington to the Haudenosaunee [Iroquois]";

Below, bottom: 1974, The Arecibo Message, radio signal (of 1679 binary digits) sent into space;


BELOW: Reproduction of the "Belt Representing the Union of the Four Eastern Tribes";
"…with a dark background denoting former or potential hostility among the tribes, lightened on the margins with white borders denoting the bonds of friendship that now surround them. The alternating panels of blue and white at the ends are evidently a convention imitated from the Iroquois. The four white triangles are tribal "wigwams," the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Malecite, and Micmac. In the center is the pipe which is the symbol of peace by which the allies re joined" (Leavitt & Francis 1990: 17-18).
BELOW: Drawer of lead type at Em-Space Books Arts Center;
BELOW: The Game of Life, penny-cheap broadside (printed paper) version for American colonies;
BELOW: Three versions of Morse Code (mid-1800s). The dots and dashes are digital technology (on-and-off, not continuous);
BELOW: Catholic rosary (prayer beads);
BELOW: House of Cards, by Charles and Ray Eames, 1954; interlocking slotted cards depict objects from the animal, mineral, or vegetable kingdoms.
BELOW: The City Plate Collection from Rios Clementi Hale Studios (2010?);
BELOW: Illustration of DNA binary code (Shutterstock)
BELOW: Smartphone-readable QR (Quick Readable) code; billboard ad for restaurant in Minneapolis, MN
BELOW: DNA binary code as a tattoo;
BELOW: "Mark Miller vs Astrophysicists," 2006. Nerves in brain on left - Universe on right;


B of the A said...

Epic Things Look Like Other Things is epic!
I especially like the images that are constructed from pixels - belts or radio signals. This is a gorgeous post.

Clowncar said...

this may be one of my favorite posts ever from you! so many recurring patterns: binary code, folks reaching out to each other, completed circuits, spirals, filaments. I was SO excited about the Arecibo message back when I was a teenager.

BTW, the girls quite enjoyed Dagger of the Mind, though there was lots of 'splainin to do. notably concerning the Vulcan mind meld. They were quite bummed to learn this was not a real thing (Spock - and Uhura - are their favorite characters).

we'll slowly make our way through the whole series over the next year or so.

Fresca said...

I'm glad you like this post--I have LOVED compiling the networking images (takes quite a while, you can imagine).

Fingers crossed, my book's design will somehow reflect this sort of connectivity. But I don't control that side of publishing things.

CLOWN: WUT? Vulcan mind meld? Not real?

Jennifer said...

Coming in super-late (RL is crushing me) to note with excitement that I had those Eames cards as a kid! I loved them, and never had any clue what they now, thanks to you, I can order them and have them once again. The patterns on them were just amazing, somehow.

Fresca said...

JENN: I want a set! I've only seen pix. I wonder if your nieces have them.