Friday, November 12, 2010

Weetabix in the Apocalypse, WUT? (Fox Terrier Types)

Frizzy wondered if the terrier in the trenches (below) is a fox terrier. It is: a smooth fox terrier, like Nipper, the RCA dog, not a wire fox terrier, like Asta of the Thin Man movies.
(The differences go beyond their coats--they're separate terrier types.)

Here's a wire fox terrier, below, in an ad that totally baffles me. I can't translate the ad's references.
Can you?
Are those falconer gloves the woman wears? Why golf clubs? Is that her lover, a Columbian generalissimo, in the train? What's with the fire from above?

Here's what I've come up with:
"Weetabix Will Keep You Perky, Even During an Alien Invasion."

(Ad via The Wire Fox Terrier)

Anyway, here's a smooth fox terrier.

They aren't as famous as the wire foxes, but perhaps that's changing, after director Tom Ford cast his own SFTs in A Single Man (2009).
Here they are with partners George ( Colin Firth) and Jim (Matthew Goode). (From the blog Raleigh Pop: "Tom Ford's Fox Terriers")

Warning: doggie tragedy ensues. But it's a pretty good film, if visually a bit too much like a Calvin Klein ad.


Margaret said...

Well, there's Hitchcock's silhouette on the bridge . . . which explains everythying . .

Green Lady can't be up to anything good; she's the only one smirking. And then there's the cane; what a phony prop; it's probably a bayonet-cane. How many people has she killed today? I do love her shoes, though.

Emma J said...

I better go get myself some weetabix right away. Either that or a bayonet cane. Or both. Best to be prepared.

Terrible of you - to reward me like this when I'm procrastinating and avoiding the real work!

bink said...

I think your answer is perfect!

Though I think that is supposed to be sunshine coming through the clouds... metaphor for the war ending because Weetabix has kept the British Regulars regular?

Anyway, I am struck by the woman's feet. Sure, she has the rather thick German ankles, which taken along with the gloves, would lead one to presume she is spy.
However, on close inspection it appears that she has two right feet--in other words, she herself is part of the alien invasion!

iloveyoumauralynch said...

God I miss weetabix mush!

Fresca said...

I hadn't accounted for the silhouette...
But yes, the Green Lady must be up to no good--possibly a robot agent built by aliens unfamiliar with human legs and feet. (Perhaps they'd recovered a torso and head and just guessed about the lower half.)

Surely the dog is not her accomplice. S/he's an undercover agent, working for the other side.