Thursday, March 25, 2010

Theme Thursday: Signs

I have just stumbled upon Theme Thursday:
"Preventing Blogger Burnout SInce 2008." This week's prompt is SIGNS.

This is from an alley a block from my house. (I took it last year when the trees were green.)


Jennifer said...

I like it! I keep trying to find some way to shoehorn it into something resembling grammatical, just shortened: "Slow please, [a] child's [life is important]"? "Slow please, [a] child's [playing area is just ahead]"? *tilts head quizzically*

Margaret said...

Mmmm, language goes liquid! So adaptable.

I do love grammars get all looseygoose.

Fresca said...

Might it be,
{A] slow-child's "please"?

Lill said...

Love the "naive art"! I remember you once said you missed handwritten signs in this age of computer printing.