Monday, March 1, 2010

"We. Dream Big."

The best part of theOlympics: William Shatner at the Closing Ceremony in Vancouver!

"Je suis Canadien."

Dania tipped me to this great list: Seven Bronze-Worthy Olympic Movies, none of which I've seen, all of which I want to.


ArtSparker said...

Thanks for the noodge on Health Care, Bill. Every little bit helps.

Margaret said...

Canadian Bacon, right there.

bink said...

I don't know...all that denial..."I've never had alien sex, don't speak Romulan..." just a bit too pat, just a bit too staged.

Next thing you know it's "I've never been to dinner at the Gorn's house; I don't know how to park a starship; I never beamed there; Spock and I are just friends".

'No smoke without fire', as they always say.

Fresca said...

ARTS: I appreciated that he mentioned health care too!

MARGARET: Indeed. heh heh...

BINK: "Spock and I are just friends". Snort.

momo said...

Great! I missed this on TV, but the radio people were talking about it this morning, in the category of "I had no idea X was Canadian!"

momo said...

I just checked out that list of Olympics movies and see that Running, the movie from which I date my absolute irrational loathing of Michael Douglas, is included. I no longer remember WHY that movie provoked such a visceral reaction in me, just that it did and I've never been able to appreciate anything he's done.

Fresca said...

MOMO: "I had no idea Captain Kirk was Canadian!" : )

Huh. Turns out that "Running" movie's not on DVD, or if it is, Netflix doesn't have it. Maybe just as well.
I've never been a Mike Douglas fan, but it's never tipped into irrational loathing.
Irrational loathing... that would be fun to blog about.

The Crow said...

Go, Bill!

The announcer forgot Denny Crane, one of my all time favorite characters, ever.