Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dutch Sprinkles

What a lift!
I just got a box in the mail from my friend Kellie (thank you!). It included chocolate sprinkles from the Netherlands.
The Dutch don't strike me as particularly weird, but I do think it's kind of weird that they eat jimmies as a bread topping.

I wasn't even going to make a micromovie today, but this gift inspires me.

"Dutch Sprinkles" (34 sec.)

Dutch sprinkles are called "hagelslag," which means "hail."
These Kellie sent are not just any hagelslag--these are "Oranje feesthagelslag" and come in a special tin commemorating Queen Beatrix's twenty-five years on the throne--"25 jaar op de troon"--in 2005.
So, they're five years old now, but they still taste pretty good--because they're really chocolate,
not that nasty plastic stuff we in the USA get sprinkled on donuts.

Fun Fact: Dutch people eat about 30 million pounds (14 million kilograms) of hagelslag per year on about 850 million slices of bread.

*considers long life ahead without need to write "fun fact" sidebars*
*wipes eyes*


Ginga Squid said...

Mmmmmm Chocolate hail - I used to love trips to Holland when I was young (and also later with work). I think it would be my perfect 'food' country. Choccie hail for breakfast & the loads of cheese later in the day! Plus a legal joint or two.

I also love the colour of the hail against the blue of the bowl, and the draped fabric. Gorgeous!

bink said...

Would you put the hagelslag on buttered bread...or nutella?

The Crow said...

What I love about your mini-movies is that they are snippets of life, fun things that bring smiles, or evoke long-hidden memories or cause serendipitous contemplation (what did she say?!) of heretofore unconsidered things. They spark the imagination, stir the heart.

With this one, in addition to following the sprinkles as they roller-coastered around the inside and outside of the bowl, what made me chuckle were the few that fell after I decided the movie was over, like an afterthought, or latecomers to a party.

I like the fun facts, too. But, then, I love bits of trivia...the sprinkles of the information world.

Cool beans!

rr said...

Is it possible that each is better than the one before? I am so *loving* these slivers in time. The composition, the colours, the sound in this one just totally rock my world. And the back-story only makes it more wonderful. I suppose I could aspire to make such small objects of great beauty using the iPhone, but I think I have a still rather than moving eye. And a new lens for the camera just this moment delivered.

Fresca said...

GINGA: Chocolate and cheese! What else does a person need? Oh, right. Beer. (Or pot, not my drug of choice.)

BINK: Yes, I think on butter. Not sure... Must do research. : )

CROW and RR: I am so pleased--and encouraged-- that you like these movies! Thank you for saying so.
I'd thought they would entirely bore people.

I've taken snapshots, but I've never been a still photographer.
It surprises me how different it is to make even the briefest flicks--it feels much more like writing than like still photography.
Of course even the most inactive one contains sound and movement.
Something to think on more...

germiegirl said...

loved this one . . . . .

Fresca said...

It was a fun one to make too.