Tuesday, October 6, 2009

bink's "Translation" of Ultra Bra's Yellow Raincoat Song

[Don't miss the harp guitar rendition of "Finlandia" I posted earlier this morning--scroll down past this post.]

Right: Neil Gaiman's Coraline in her yellow raincoat, by Anime Girl at Deviant Art (http://animegirl000.deviantart.com).
The Finnish Friend provided the correct translation of the Ultra Bra song--the one with the video of everyone wearing yellow raincoats. Knowing the real meaning only makes the google translation funnier.
(Turns out "Sinä lähdit pois" doesn't actually mean "Did you get you Off" as google says, but rather "You Went Away.")
I added her lyrics to the original post:
Music Videos: Zombies, Raincoats, and Herring.

Then, this morning bink left a comment too good to miss. She wrote:
"Are you sure this Ultra Bra song isn't an ad for FinnAir? I think the lyrics must really translate:

You went away on an early morning flight.
Leaving me standing in the rain.

I'm embarrassed this is the last way you'll see me...
through the plane window...
standing with with my friends
wearing matching raincoats.

If I'd know they were all going to wear yellow
I'd have worn my red jacket.

If Jurge had know we were all going to wear yellow
he'd have worn black.

Now we look like some rubber duckie convention
and this is how you will always think of me...
as you fly way
and we splash in the puddles on the runway.


Anonymous said...

Fresca, you really light up my life with your blog. The last several have been absolutely delightful! Loving this delving into Finland and your flights of Fresca-think (and bink-think). Thanks.

nancy said...

Oops, Nancy, not Anonymous!

Fresca said...

That's great to hear! Thank you.
I'm having fun with Finland.