Monday, January 5, 2009

"This Machine Is Very Powerful"

Thanks to my friend Lisa Nilles, of the Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition (MUHCC), I can cross an item off my Stuff to Do List:

5. Go to the State Capitol Building,; see the State Legislature in session. Gold star for figuring out who my representative is.

Today (1/5) I attended a rally at the Capitol (it's just across the river, in Saint Paul, Minnesota) for a comprehensive single-payer health plan.
I strongly support this––it is idiotic not to––and I don't say that just because I've lived without health insurance since 2002 (thankgod I have not been sick).
But I did not earn a gold star.
I spent more time snooping about photographing gadgets (me, left, reflected in a microwave with mysterious properties) and architectural details than listening to legislators.
God bless people who can work in politics!

Exterior: Salted Sidewalk.

Exterior: The Quadriga.

Interior: Ceiling molding.



State Movers.

Lisa, left, Moving the State toward the Minnesota Health Plan.
At the podium is Dr. Ann Settgast, co-founder of the Minnesota Chapter of
Physicians for a National Health Program.

The Rotunda.

Portrait of a Governor.


Grate and Electrical Outlet.

Exterior: Floyd Bjørnstjerne Olson.


Jennifer said...

I love the salted sidewalk very much, somehow. It almost looks like an alien beach.

word verification is suale which I think is a portmanteau of "suave" and "hale," and thus a perfect adjective for James T., don't you think?

bink said...

Wonderful pictures! But by now you should know that we don't have "bubblers" in Minnesota. Esp. at the state capital. Horrors! You Wisconsinite you.

momo said...

EXCELLLENT photos! Yesterday we were at the Wedge, and my girl had to photograph the handle of the shopping cart because it said "Please do not take me outside". We should send the two of you on a photo safari!
and good for you for attending the rally. I have never been inside the capitol either, but I have a similar rally/event in my calendar for a few weeks from now.

fresca said...

JEN: Suale... and salty! I like the sidewalk photo too--it looked so pretty in the sun.

BINK: Oh, right, I forget that's not a MN term. Even though you all do drink "pop," as we do in WI too.

MOMO: Photographing funny/quirky stuff is a sign of intelligence! I remember you posted some fun neighborhood photos too.
More safari shoots when it's warm out again.

deanna said...

Intriguing how state capitol buildings have gold personages on top and very powerful machines. Good for you and your list. Hope you continue in good health until a plan passes.

Anonymous said...

I do note, that on your list, you also want to see the state legislature "in session."
If you want to use this story line to follow, the first hearing of the Minnesota Health Plan is (currently) scheduled for January 28th (don't know time, and even the date might change).

A hearing is truly another world. It is a discussion of wildly opposing views in the most civil of terms (Madame Chair, I respectfully request . . . . )

Manfred Allseasons said...

Once again, beautiful images...but where, where??? Spaceship 379??

Is the evidence being suppressed by international governments?? Or do these fiendish craft actually exist??

I want to believe!!

fresca said...

Yes! Believe!

Americans can provide health care for the nation's children, and--godwilling, as long as my health holds (thanks for the good wishes, Deanna!)-- Starship 379 will come into being yet.

It exists in many parts in a big plastic bag at this moment... just waiting for my pyrotechnical skills to improve. Heh, heh, heh.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm....lovin' you for writin' "bubbler" and Bink for callin' out the "Wisconsinism"...having lived on the east Coast, in Wisconsin, MN, Greece, OZ, and traveled in England, Turkey, Canada and Mexico, too...I am so confused as to how to say; "manually operated, humanmade device that emits a small, continuous flow of water for the purpose of quenching thirst, dipping hankies, hand-scrubbing various body parts in a pinch. " (Is that how Spock might describe one!?) I'll try to come up with a delightful composite word with regionalisms and roots from as many of these areas as I can...When it's ready, i'll share...and, maybe by that time, it'll appear as a verification word, who knows.
Please remember dear ones: There is enough to go around for everyone on the planet to have enough to drink, eat, have shelter, grow food, have education and sufficient health care. It's about a crisis in distribution and the lack of justice, it's not about money and blaming the masses for what we don't have or do. The MN legislature and the other power players on the planet are not going to give anyone government-funded, universal single payer universal health care, which is a basic human right, until there are long term, wildcat massive workers strikes and walkouts by those who toil for the benefit of us all and the profits of the elite. I love your photos, Fresca; thanks for being in the marble palace. I have helped present testimony on this issue and on welfare and on welfare rights in MN. The one or two legislators who appear to get it, and who may not be in bed with the elite, need all Minnesotans and folks elsewhere to rise up now. It's not just children who need healthcare, housing, food, water, education, love and arts, it's those who raise them or don't and provide all the care and raise the food and build the infrastructure for us all. Well, everybody knows this, but we must not let those who pretend to power divide and conquer anymore. I have to be at my job and can't go to the capitol anymore...So glad others can carry the load.
But, we'll all be out there in the streets together rela, real soon!

In love and rage and Laughter and Solidarity!


P. s. sure enough, the verification word of the second is "menny". It is the "menny"--no gender, but rather, universal multiplicity implied!--who can work together to overcome our ills and pains!

fresca said...

Oh, lordy, Stef!
Revolution is waaaay too much work for the likes of me: It took me twenty years to make it to the capitol for the first time!
You're right: it's not just kids who need health care--I named them because they're dependent people and so represent everyone, from the most vulnerable up.

Here's to the menny! : )