Monday, January 12, 2009

One More Splendid Captain

You know Captain Kirk was based, at least partly, on Horatio Hornblower? Here, my all-time favorite vidder Mortmere presents her manip of that master and commander, Captain James Tiberius Kirk, R.N. (that's Royal Navy, not Registered Nurse).

[Kirk as a steampunk captain here.]

A surfeit of delight, there's also a new vid up on Mortmere's youTube channel:

"Kirk/Spock: Science Lab Party"
I owe my own vidding efforts partly to inspiration from this creator of sublime silliness, with a splash of slashy sexiness.


Manfred Allseasons said...

Hornblower is the best fictional British Naval hero ever!! Small field, I know, but Hornblower was so real somehow...he's useless with girls, makes lots of mistakes and is only promoted because he is 'a good fourth for Bridge'.


fresca said...

Not really Kirk, then. I don't think he plays bridge.