Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Never mind.

You could do a personality profile in reverse based on what a person does not know.

I know who David Beckham is, for instance--even knew his team--but managed to miss that he is a longtime gay icon. If I'd known, I wouldn't have been so amazed to see him on display like a buffet spread [2nd post down].

But no--I know him only from the soccer-chick-flick Bend It Like Beckham, whose title refers to something he does with soccer balls.

But why did I feel so depressed and guilty yesterday to realize that I am not the sort of person who gets involved politically? After all, I never have been.
I guess I thought maybe that would have changed, since I've learned so much politically in my work over the past few years. Looking closer, though, I see I always cared most about the stories people tell, the songs they sing, not the policies and positioning of politicians.

The stories we tell are also political, of course. The Cold War aspects of Star Trek, for instance, amaze and intrigue me.

You can tell what you love by tallying up how much time you voluntarily spend on something.
If I'd looked at what I spent my time on in January, I could have had a clue.
Here's my time breakdown:

American politics: 17 minutes, mostly on the phone asking friends who pay attention what's going on

Star Trek:
158 hours


barrett said...

158 hours of Star Trek!!!!!!!
Should you be thinking of the Guiness Book of Records?

A brief moment in politics is all one needs anyway....the rest is just clustered claustrophobia.

fresca said...

Clustered claustrophobia... good description. Cloying too.

158 hours is just a guess, of course. Who knows? It's probably more!