Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Eddie Izzard on Star Trek

Oh frabjous day, she chortled in her joy, no longer depressed at all about her failure as a citizen.

I was trying to find a video clip of Rick Overton's Star Trek schtick and instead found:
Eddie Izzard Star Trek
on YouTube.
Eddie Izzard! The original and my favorite executive transvestite.
The sound quality is poor--better with headphones.

Here's a sample from the transcript at
Cake or Death Transcript:

Scotty- the actor playing Scotty, he must have hated the scripts!

Every week, the same sort of script-thing.

“Oh, not again! Not the same script, for fuck’s sake!
‘No, Captain. I cannot do that, Captain. I have no ability to do that, Captain. What speed you wish for, Captain? No, I cannot provide that at this time. No, you’ll never guess; it’s the engine. No, it’s the carburetor that’s gone this time. No way, Jose. The cat’s eaten the Dilithium Crystals, you see, and it’s coughing up fur balls, and…'

He could never do anything!

There was Kirk going, “Scotty, we need to go back to 9 in five seconds, or we’re toast!”

And he goes, “I can give you 30 miles an hour in a week, Captain, how about that?”


ancient friend barrett said...

There are chunks of your life I know nothing about...this is one of them. A total blank, except that it is connected to S-T.

fresca said...

Yes, my brain is full of large chunks of detritus. Not that Eddie Izzard is detritus! Like several other fun odds-and-ends in my life, he came to me
through Sally the Cool.