Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Star Trek, My Love", 2008 fanvid

Longtime readers may have seen this, my autobiographical Star Trek fanvid from 2008. It's blocked on youTube now because of the song "In My Life": whoever owns the Beatles' music usually insists youTube block vids that use it.
I don't know why youTube left it up so long.

A friend had downloaded a copy, which she sent to me today, so I'll put it here, if it's not too big for Blogger... 

[OK, it plays on my computer anyway. It's a very small image--that's the way it was saved.]

I hadn't seen this for a long time---watching it today I was surprised by how well the theme of getting through hard times with Kirk & Spock fits this weird political (and environmental) climate, a climate that feels like it could be the setting for the intro to a sci-fi story:
"In the final November of the old order, the humans were bickering among themselves..."


The Crow said...

Your video is like a stab in the heart, brings up memories I didn't realize I had. But this is beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking - and healing, for some reason I can't explain. Not even to myself.

Frex said...

Thanks, Crow--I hadn't seen it in quite a while and it made me cry!
I cried a lot making it too. But it had been really healing to make too, so I think I know what you mean.

It had gotten a lot of positive comments on youTube (now taken down--I think they're stored somewhere & I should see if I can retrieve them)---it seems a lot of us felt something like this...

Michael Leddy said...

I had to wait to have Flash to see this. It’s beautiful, both sad and not sad. I really liked watching. Thank you, Fresca, for posting it here.

Frex said...

You're welcome, Michael, and thank you for watching and commenting.
I like this "sad and not sad." I think so too.