Monday, October 31, 2016

The New Dog Revealed

bink & Maura drove to Iowa on Saturday to pick up their new dog from the Wire-Hair Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest--a great organization of amazingly dedicated volunteers who take in dogs--often pretty banged up dogs.
(WFR on Facebook)

The new dog--as yet unnamed--is in great shape, however, just orphaned young when his owner died. He's about three. 

His coat was badly matted close to the skin, so he was shaved to remove all the clumps. (Wire-haired fox terriers don't shed, so you have to cut or otherwise attend to their hair.) Once the mats were off, his ears stood straight up.
He doesn't even look like the same dog! He also got neutered, so he's wearing the donut to keep him away from the stitches.

I babysat him last night and he was a lot of fun--both acrobatic and snuggly. I like him.


ArtSparker said...

Must make him so happy, the haircut...there was an ungroomed cat in the neighborhood years ago that I surreptitiously took a pair of scissors to - wasn't able to do much good before it squirmed away, but hope it helped some.

Fresca said...

That was kind of you, even if you could only release a mat or two.

I think Astro (his name now) does feel really good---I sat out in the sun with him and bink yesterday and he seemed really, really happy in his body.