Tuesday, September 13, 2016

today's head space

as the instructor of the yoga class i attended on saturday says, "how's your head-space?"

answer: tra-la-tra la---my headspace is good.
[i'm writing lower case because i've been on tumblr and it gets in your head space like that. it's sorta nice not to bother with extra keys.]
i've been exercising more for a week+ now---and feeling relieved that i CAN... that i didn't just stop as soon as i started.

i re-read my blog from last sept and remembered how SAD and low i was after marz moved out---that went on for months---during which i sewed soft armor for myself and outfits for stuffed animals.
poor little heart

but now i have many happy thoughts.

some things

1. i like michael keaton as batman (1989).
he is so stiff, he even designed his bat suit so the neck won't turn. it's like an exterior skeleton that fits his psyche, not his body.
also, he is not a muscle man.
director tim burton said of keaton's batman, "He looks like a guy who needs to dress up like a bat for effect." Burton's on the left:

2.  this photo of a fight in the Ukrainian parliament (you may have seen) launched a subreddit /r/Accidental Renaissance

3. Here is a fanzine editor from 1975---I really hope the owner(s) will grant me permission to use this in my fanbook.
more: fanlore 

4. I've posted this Camino 2011 photo before, but it's one of my favorites, so here it is again. (Oh, the instinct to capitalize just came back. Tumblr wears off fast, I guess.) 
A fellow peregrino, Tom (with a toy monkey dangling upside-down on his backpack), helps me get water from a public fountain:

Now I must do some work.

I hope your head-space is good. Or maybe you can get out in some nature-space [another yoga-teacherism] and clear it, anyway...


Morgan Dawn said...

email me about the zine editor photo. I can try to reach out to the photographer and the fan in the photo. mdawn6 @ yahoo.com

Fresca said...

Here's hoping!!!