Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happy 50th Anniversary, Star Trek! (Updated Photo Collages)

Today is Star Trek's 50th anniversary! 
The first episode aired on September 8, 1966.

I made six photo collages (started as mood boards) for Star Trek TOS characters.
I'd already posted four--I just now finished Chekov & Sulu in time. 
(It's a little after midnight on Sept. 8, 2016.)

Hiraku Sulu, he gets a botanical border and gold clouds from a scroll illustrating the Tale of Genji (source of his first name, "Hiraku" = "shining"); a rapier, vintage compass, some sort of star map, and sandhill crane feathers

Pavel Chekov, navigator, Russian; he gets wings and gold panel from a Russian Orthodox icon, an astrolabe, Sputnik, & a hallway from Solaris

below: Communications Officer Uhura 
She gets a red chair by Vincent van Gogh, rotary phone, and antique letter with sealing wax

below: Science Officer Spock
[From the Mirror, Mirror alternate universe. Going somewhere, Mr. Spock?]

below: Captain James T. Kirk: 
He's from Iowa, and an Aries--hence the golden baby ram (from Copenhagen).

below: McCoy Mood: Bones
Top right: scene from Magnificent Obsession (1954);
blue morpho butterfly wing


10 to 12 fresh mint leaves
1 teaspoonful sugar
Muddle mint leaves and sugar in tall glass. Fill glass with cracked ice. Add 1 jigger Old Crow. Stir until glass frosts. Decorate with 2 sprigs of fresh mint.

[I had to look up “Old Crow.” It’s a brand of bourbon.


poodletail said...

Mood boards! These are inspiring and so beautiful, Fresca.

Fresca said...

Thanks, Poodle! Maybe you make this sort of thing for Lavender Grey? Have you got a website going for that yet?

bink said...

Hadn't seen the Bones one; very good! And wish I could have a Mint Julep right now!

Fresca said...

BINK: I'd added Bones a few days ago--and then Sulu & Chekov--wanted to keep them all together.
A mint julep? Count me in! Hey--maybe I could make em for your birthday?!?!

Bink said...

These really are beautiful as a set. The colors are so rich. And birthday mint juleps--Yum!