Monday, October 12, 2015

Rice Pudding Art

Illustrations of Crow's Rice Pudding recipe; I painted them (gouache) tonight for a project we're collaborating on. 
I still need to paint salt too.


Zhoen said...

Very striking.

ArtSparker said...

You really are very talented...and I am feeling a kinship because everything interests you, which is a very familiar feeling to me. the milk and rice in particular are little gems, and demonstrate an intuitive grasp of design principles. And I am not saying that to butter you up.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Thanks--it's gouache but I think it looks a bit like woodblock printing--a striking form.

ARTS: I like that you see and say, "everything interests you"--that's pretty much true! Makes it hard to choose one thing to pursue for, say, a JOB.

I too like the milk and rice best---for the rice, I just poured some rice onto the paper and painted around them, so the design is due to physics. Neat-o! (For the milk I looked up photographs of that wonderful splash pattern.)

Bink said...