Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bear 'Bye

Bear waves good-bye:  we are off to Milwaukee with bink to see my beloved auntie, my standard bearer of practical good cheer.

I love this bear. Can you see? it looks perpetually amazed.

Stuffed animal repair tip
10 minutes in a mesh bag in the dryer (on low or air-dry) fluffs up matted fur.

I biked to the Thrift Store for a bag of polyfill (handy thing about sorting donations---you know where stuff is) to restuff the bear yesterday.

Looking online at stuffing options, I might go for wool again (though then the toy's not deep-washable, but surface cleaning should suffice for toys that aren't mauled by babies or pets), 
or some of the organic options, like corn- or bamboo-fiber fluff, 
but they are expensive. . .
like, $12–20 for enough to stuff this bear.
Bear itself is some artificial fabric.

This fabric + fiber rescue is strictly a nickle-and-dime operation. 

Off we go on the road trip.
Have a great weekend everybody!


Zhoen said...

Fluffy and friendly and ready to be amazed, what a great traveling companion.

ArtSparker said...

And you haven't even started felting yet (speaking of mesh bags in the dryer). You could shrink some old sweaters to fit your stuffed animals (they have to be virgin wool, though - land's end are good ones to use).

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Red Bear greatly enjoyed sitting in the front seat. It was AMAZED by Wisconsin!

ARTSPARKER: What a great idea---felted wool sweater stuffing!
Thank you! I can get ripped/worn wool sweaters for 25¢ at the Thrift Store.