Sunday, July 26, 2015

What I'm Reading

"Maybe you've glanced out of the window and seen there, on the lawn, a bloody great hawk murdering a pigeon, or a blackbird, or a magpie, and it looks the hugest, most impressive piece of wildness you've ever seen, like someone's tipped a snow leopard into your kitchen and you find it eating the cat."
 -- Helen Macdonald, H Is for Hawk, (2014), p. 4

I started this book last night, and it's a bit heavy on description for me, but good.

Birds of prey have become more common here in the inner city, where there're lots of bunnies and squirrels and prey birds to pluck up.

Just this morning, bink and I were biking home from the farmers market when something in a rumpus glanced off a parked car next to us, then flew off squealing, pursued by a hawk.

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