Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aunt Else's Aebleskiver

(This is me.)
(Pans and squeezy bottles, etc. too.)

Aunt Else's Æbleskiver is named in honor of Else (Andersen) Jacobsen, who passed down her Danish family recipe.
Chad Gillard (aka Aebleskiver Daddy) started the company with Else's nieces Lisa (Henriksen) Timek and Linda (Henriksen) Engwall, and grand-niece Sarah Engwall.


Anonymous said...

How cool! And bizarre! (To see that ostentatious Danishness in a place so far away, I mean.)

I tried my first æbleskiver this december, visiting Tivoli in Copenhagen with my colleagues, and I was disappointed to find that they didn't contain any apple at all. The ones you had look much nicer for having actual pieces of apples in them - I'd like to think it's an older version that's survived in the New World, while recipes have been simplified here.

To add two more pieces of trivia: in Denmark, æbleskiver are only eaten around Christmas, and you get jam and powder sugar with them, making them the stickiest finger food I've ever encountered.

Annika said...

Oh no! Wrong button. The above is of course from me, your secret agent in Denmark.

Margaret said...


(Did you know you can fry Queen Anne's Lace in batter too? The flower, I mean.)

bink said...

Fun! And while we're plugging Chad's aebleskiver, it shouldn't be overlooked that in addition to apple they make a "flavor of the week" for the farmer's market. In addition to apple, we ate "corn" aebleskiver ("corn" was a delish mix of stuff that included sweet corn). "Corn" were REALLY good! I liked them even better than apple.

poodletail said...

Corn aebleskiver = sweet & savory?
@Margaret: I found a photo of batter-fried Queen Anne's Lace and it looks delicate & delicious.

Fresca said...

ANNIKA: Thanks for the report from the homeland! Perhaps one day you will come visit and we can go to the Swedish Museum...

MARRT: Queen Anne's Lace tempura? I had no idea!

BINK/POODLE: I liked the corn too---served with sweet pepper jam!

Emma J said...

Maybe they'd be better with apple slices. There's an otherwise great Danish/Swedish restaurant in Portland OR (Broder's)where the abelskivers are iconic but bland.

femminismo said...

I'm reading this in bed while eating apple (!) crisp. With a nectarine and some raspberries thrown in. Glad I could get by to visit.