Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"We must use the tools we have...."

"We must use the tools we have," President Abraham Lincoln said,
in frustration, about his inadequate general George McClellan.

I'm always on the lookout for for space-saving furniture for my tiny apartment.
I found this corner-shaped bookshelf, yesterday, next to a dumpster in the alley a couple blocks away. Too heavy to carry home, of course.This carpet cleaner sat next to the dumpster too. I hoisted the bookshelf onto it, and rolled it home.
It only fell off once.


Anonymous said...

Sheer genius! maybe we should include some alley scavenging on our walk(s). I'm still working on stuff, but after this Wed. I'm pretty free this week. More with less..and veriword is "lessigs".

Love You!

bink said...

It looks like you could turn the carpet cleaner into some sort of space age Segway. Zoom, zoom!

Fresca said...

STEF: We can make our way to Steeple People through the alleys.

BINK: Hm. We could make a movie ONLY with stuff from the alley. But in this case, I already put the carpet cleaner back out there.

Clowncar said...

well, McClellan certainly was a tool.

why didn't you ask the person who took the picture to help you?

Fresca said...

I took the picture!
I set the camera on "self-timer"--same as with the red wall pix.

Ginga Squid said...

Quality finds!

Margaret said...


(A "mungo" is a dumpster-diver. You weren't diving, but it's a fun word.)

This picture cracked me up; here's what I saw:

you without a right leg, using the space-vac as a crutch / make-shift paddle,
and a bookshelf / make-shift boat by which you've just come ashore and abandoned your life as a pirate!

A pirate . . . under Captain Kirkbeard?

[To be read in a Kirkish manner]:

"Captain's log, wave-date 23 15.8: as of this morning, ensign Freska has abandoned ship, taking with her the bookshelf from the below-deck and our only functioning vacuum cleaner. The reason for this abrupt departure is unknown; outside my quarters, Dr. McCoy found a batch of cookies on top of a note with this cryptic bearing:

While unrest besets the crew, Mr. Spock and Communications officer Uhura are trying to determine its meaning; is it a threat to the Enterprise, or merely the confused language of a crazed ensign?"


As fans will say: FIC PLEASE.

ANYWAYS . . . cool bookshelf. I would have loved to meet the brain that designed triangular bookshelves.

Fresca said...

MARGE: SOL (snort of laughter):
"...taking with her the bookshelf from the below-deck and our only functioning vacuum cleaner."

Fic plz from the pov of the janitor on the Enterprise!


ArtSparker said...

This is reminding me of of tigger , the popped balloon, and honey jar from Winnie the Pooh.

Fresca said...

ARTS: That's my favorite Pooh story.