Monday, June 28, 2010

OK, me too. ("Tik Tok")

All of a sudden, everyone's posting this--I've seen it on three non-Trekkie sites this weekend. So I was dubious, but now I've watched it, I see why.
It's really good.
Everybody gets to play, and there's a dash of slash, like nutmeg on egg custard.

"Working on the Enterprise is pretty much a non-stop party."

By Miss Sheenie.
Star Trek is definitely an improvement on the official video of Ke$ha performing TiK ToK.


Margaret said...

It's a small net.
I saw this on two different sites AND a Trek-savvy professor e-mailed the link.

Ke$ha isn't a favorite, but this vid is great!

(KIROK moment, ftw)

Lill said...

Reminded me how sexy Uhura was and she sure didn't get enough screen time! Much fun.

momo said...

Great choice of clips and editing take a crappy song to another level of charm! (wow, I'm thinking in tweet-length sentences now!)

yvette said...

Nice music...sorry I wasn't here for such a long time.

I like it so much you put the free rice link on your side bar


Jennifer said...

Put your hands in the air!

I'm freshly reminded of how much dancing and drinking there was on TOS. And fighting. :) Jim's smile on "The party doesn't start til I walk in" is hil-freaking-larious.

bink said...

Nice use of some less-than-common clips. Fun match with the song too. Well done... but I'm surprised its gone viral because it doesn't seem that far above and beyond...

I prefer the mash-ups with more story lines... like yours!

Random Dent said...

Cute :-)