Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh, the manatee! 2

I can't stomach looking at any more oil-soaked animals, and I certainly don't want to spring them on you. So here's a shot of "Alabama Surf".
Doesn't it look like blown glass? Or marbled paper? I think its all the more frightening for how beautiful it is.

Photographer: Dave Martin/AP, via Vidiot Speak.

Margaret commented that "oil spill" hardly seems adequate to describe the horror. Vidiot Speak (and others? I don't follow political blogs) refers to it as an oilcano.

And, another manatee. (You know, "oh, the humanity!" came from the original coverage of the Hindenberg disaster.)
Found at Dr. X's Free Association; but originally from Vidiot Speak?
(I cant find it there, but Dr. X gives it a "h/t", which means "hat tip," according to Blogossary.)


Margaret said...

Oilcano sounds about right.

((If you're a first-time visitor to ontd_trek, you say "Oh, the Profanity!"))

Ginga Squid said...

That is an amazingly beautiful photo.

Dania said...

That photograph does look like blown glass, making it look really beautiful. How does nature do that, make itself look beautiful even during such an awful tragedy?

Fresca said...

I guess Physics tends toward a beauty utterly irregardless of human emotion.

Clowncar said...

there is a deeply unpleasant between the image and the explanation. between the idea and the reality...falls the shadow

that manatee poster on the other hand, is wonderfully clever.

Jennifer said...

What a strange and haunting picture (the wave, not the manatee). I agree, there's an almost eerie disjunction between the image and the understanding--your brain says "pretty" at the aesthetic level and then the reality sinks in...