Monday, October 26, 2009

More of Other People's Favorite Women on Film

Yep, I'm not blogging this week, while I finish Finland. But I got these two cool youTubes in my inbox this morning. So, for your pleasure...

Poodletail sent me this wonderful "woman on film". Right. Doesn't have to appear on feature films to be interesting, thought provoking and awesome.
Why 1984 Won't Be Like "1984": The 1-minute ad introducing Apple Macs in 1984.

bink sent me the absolutely fabulous Dawn French doing a 3:44-min. send up of Catherine Zeta Jones, talking about how she gets her posh frocks, and other episodes of her fabulous life:


Nancy said...

Enjoying the "interesting women in film" tour. Hilarious Dawn French bit!

I'll miss your posts this week -- unless you continue to allow yourself the bite sized versions, like those cakes sold frozen in one inch squares.

momo said...

LOLOLOL Dawn French, BRRRRRRIlliant!

fresca said...

Dawn's a treat.

Yeah, Nancy, I imagine I won't at least do a small frozen post---like today's Finland. Reminds me of home.