Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the Way to Montana

Swathed in a scarf to protect myself from the blast of the car's air conditioner, I read in the back seat as we pass fields of soybeans.

bink flees the World's Largest Buffalo, at Jamestown, North Dakota...
...where Louis L'Amour was born.

Fresca, weighed down by Cheetohs, is too slow to run and is squashed by an earth mover.


poodletail said...


Nancy said...

:) :) :)

momo said...

Last time I road with Cheetos in the car, I looked back to see kid thighs with orange hand smears on them. Eat, lick, smear.

are you listening to a special road music mixtape/cd? what are your favorite road tunes?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The open road, a bag of Cheetos--(or "Cheetios" as daughter #1 used to call 'em as a newly U. S.-ian aculturated pre-schooler; conflating "Cheerios and Cheetos, for Manfred's benefit!)--and the Bink. Is the Joop in tow, too? My guess is that you're listening to feminist punk and old C & W favorites?! but.. I dunno fer sure. Hey! Best to keep the Cheetos in and avoid raw spinach salads, just in case a contaminated bag seeps into the Dakotas. Also, I hope you checked for rattlesnakes before you dove under the monstrous earth-moving device! As always, your words 'n' pics are so cool! One more thing! I hope I'm not committing any blogworld hubris by reminding you--oh great reader/writer/ compiler of indexes--that on the top right hand margin thing-y of your blog it should say "Agamemnon". Ya left out the second "m". It's my inner Greek/English proof-reader talkin'. All the gods know I make tons of typos I don't recognize 'til after I press "send".

Have a happy safe adventure!



Fresca said...

Thank you, Stefalala, for the Greek proof!

bink and I are on this trip on the suffrance of bink's mom, and she controls the music in the car, so actually we've had none at all.
If it were up to me, I'd be blasting Bruce Springsteen, the perfect road music.
bink doesn't like him though, and she's listening to world music privately on her iTouch.