Friday, August 14, 2009

365: Getting Ready for Lakshmi & Ganesha

Even though I don't like hot weather, every year round about now, I feel energized by heat of the tomato-ripening, sunflower-swelling kind. This year not only am I taking out and washing all my combination windows, I am inspired to wash all my walls too, which I have never done before, though I've lived here seven years.
This morning I almost deleted the latest mass-forwarded "money/spiritual wealth is coming to you" e-mail, though it's from a friend I trust. These promises of abundance, even when couched as spiritual good wishes, usually feel more like threats, probably because they are, in their final lines:
Send on to 12 people or you will be cursed.

This one, however, came with this picture of the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, and an elephant who reminds me of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god.
Ganesha and Lakshmi aren't related but they team up on Diwali, when he clears away obstacles and she delivers the goodies. Diwali this year isn't until October 17, but I think for me it is today, as I finish clearing the clutter.
I always loved Ganesha and was amazed to learn a few years ago that he is the patron of writers--he holds in his hand the tip of one of his tusks, which he broke off to use to write down the Mahabharata. He's my sort of god--he also likes to eat sweets and dance.

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