Friday, March 6, 2009

365 - 1: The 365 Project

Yesterday I forgot, but I had thought I might begin the "365" project on my birthday: snap & post a self-portrait, as you define it, daily for one year. So, I start it today... I'll see if I really want to do it all year, or if it starts to feel unbearably narcissistic (but isn't blogging already? or living, for that matter?).
Maybe one month would be a better time span? I don't know though, I've seen other people's 365 projects, and they're pretty fascinating when they really stick with the whole year.

Here I am today, anyway, in my grungey house-cleaning clothes. I'm having a small gathering tomorrow (has to be small, due to the size of my apt.) and therefore feel compelled to clean behind the stove. Cause, you know, guests always look back there...


Darwi said...

I did not know it's obligatory for guests to look behind the stove.
Good to know for the future :D

Anonymous said...

My bottom line as someone's guest is that I don't get an asthma attack from some airborne detritus or organism, that I don't instinctively feel a need to look down and make sure the toilet seat is clean enough to park my tuchus on, and that I don't come down with food poisoning from anything I consume in the host's home. Oy! but cleaning behind the stove, Fresca!? Are you sure we don't share an ancestor!? I've never cleaned behind the stove, 'cept when the gas company cameth to check for leaks and THEY moved it...'cause I have primal fears of gas malfunctions and disasters...(Cultural memory?!)
Anyway, happy cleaning and celebrating and I am thankful for the beautiful narcissi on the planet. They are such lovely, sturdy yet fragile-looking blooms! Here comes Spring in the Northland!



Krista said...

Oh, I will totally be looking forward to these. And happy birthday! I'm pretty much hiding behind my own stove, or I'd be there.

momo said...

great idea! and I sometimes even clean in front of my stove, just not lately.

PaulD said...

Happy Birthday Fresca!!
Go for the 365!! You have plenty to offer; I'd say your marked characteristic has paid off well.

bink said...

When we had to replace our stove this winter it was a quite a treat to pull it out and clean! Using a razor blade...that tells you something about the state of things.

I'm sure your apartment will be breathtakingly clean!

Venus Doom said...

I love the 365 idea. I might contemplate trying that myself.